Kimia Forooz Facilities and Services

 Kimia Forooz laboratories were especially added to the complex for insuring the consumer's right with the capability of practicing 14 kinds of tests on all productions, based on ISO and ASTM standards which would finally be applicable by the factories quality control section.

Our customer service using the information entitled by the lab with full knowledge of all product features and their suitable application in the relevant industry, would offer the full and complete analysis report of any requested items by the customer together with an Eng. Consultant and solving any upcoming problems during the injection process, which in our opinion is the best way to boost the quality and reduce the manufacturing costs and enabling the end-product to be qualified to be competitive in the international Market.

In order to respect and observe the rights of customers, Kimia Forooz Company has established a laboratory, equipped with modern and advanced systems of measuring physical and mechanical characteristics as well as the processes of its products.

  • Study of Characteristics of Raw Materials
  • Researching and Study of Production of Specification Compounds
  • Quality control of Products
  • Controlling the products as ordered by the customers
  • Study of Characteristics of additives and their impacts on consuming raw materials

These issues are among those cases guaranteeing the products of this Company and to satisfy our customers, such facilities are available for them.

It should be mentioned that the following tests are performed at this laboratory, and measured as per the ASTM and ISO Standards, the report of which shall be available for customers respectively.

  • Elastic Characteristics
  • Elastic Modulus
  • Elastic Resistance
  • Percentage of length extension in fracture area
  • Pressure Characteristics
  • Pressure Modulus
  • IZOD- Impact Resistance
  • HDT- (Heat Deflection Temperature)
  • MFR- Melt Flow Rate

Conditions of Material Injection
After- Sale- Services:
Our experts at this Unit are fully prepared to offer consultation services in respect of conditions of injections and troubleshooting, through telephone contacts and/or direct reference of the customers.
Injection Services:
The injection unit of Kimia Forooz company, with modern and advanced injection devices and systems through benefiting from professional experts along with its equipped laboratory is prepaid to offer injection services and part molding from 10gr. To 500gr.

By Considering the continuous improvement and development in the quality Control Management Service and by up grading our staff with up-dated training courses and keeping up with the fast moving international market, we believe that Kimia Forooz Co. would be able to use her 15 years experience in the interior industry and become a suitable substitute for any imported Polymer in the Iranian Market.

Quality Certificate by Sapco Company